Educational Technology Lab

Educational Technology lab:-
In E.T. lab audio visual aids for example LCD, OHP, Slide projector, TV, Tap Recorder, Radio, Charts, Models etc. are kept the pupil teachers came to know about the latest technical innovations & their uses which are very beneficial in their teaching. These audio visual aids make their teaching effective.

Computer Lab:
Our college is having up-to-date computer facilities.  The college has installed 40 computers in the computer laboratory having LAN/WAN facilities. The ratio of the Computer is to the students is 1:7. The computer laboratory is having one Server, P-IV and all the 40 computers are with 15” monitor and of P-IV type configuration linked with the Internet connection. All the computers are installed with following system: Windows XP Professional OS, Windows 98, Windows 2003 advanced Server. Windows 2003 professional along with Microsoft office 2003 Package installed in all the computers. For security and anti-virus protection, computers are installed with AVG Anti-virus free software which is available free on the web.