The orientation is being conducted for newly admitted pupil teachers are conducted in order to link or to introduce the current syllabus of B.Ed Course. The teacher’s educators give orientation lectures to B.Ed. Course.


A teacher has to be a role model in the class and for that the teacher has to learn a range of skills and strategies to deliver good qualities in the classroom; so that the students feel interested and enjoy teaching learning of the role model. They also learn and use a variety of skills in their lessons. The faculty has to use a variety of approaches to put across the curriculum. This concept is implemented by the faculty members by using various approaches and provides multiple experiences for effective learning. Most of the sessions are interactive even for the transaction of theoretical concepts. During demonstration of lessons different techniques are used. The how, why and use of these techniques are explained in great detail.
The faculty uses variety of instructional approaches before introducing any unit, topic or tasks. The main objective of each course is to make the pupil teachers independent and to cater to their needs. Some methods like practical, demonstration and some techniques like dramatization, role play, introductory, play method, etc. is used. Also some approaches like evaluative approach, structural approach, and communicative approach are used for instruction.
Sometimes faculty assigns one topic to a group of students and they have to find out subtopics of the main topic to reflect on their previous knowledge; they try to predict events, make or confirm inferences to teach it. While dealing with the actual unit, the pupil teachers make connections, get new understanding, answer the questions make connections of the topic, and after completion of the unit, they are either made to recall, review, repeat, summarize, evaluate and ask questions. The pupil teachers have to prepare the lesson plans on computer based in optional subject papers; they present it by using power point presentation. Our college also provides necessary guidance for improving quality and effectiveness in classroom teaching by using OHP or LCD. Our college has ample teaching learning materials in our library which is always open for the easy access.

Practice Teaching

During one academic year the pupil teachers have to give 20 lession in each optional subjective paper. The teacher educator observers only one lesson at a time. After elaborate discussion of both positive & negative aspects of that teaching of the lesson suggestion for further improvement in teaching are entitled .The teacher education gives detailed remarks in the lesson plan.

Micro Teaching

The pupil teachers are required to prepare reflective lesson plans of micro teaching as parts of their personal and professional development. The pupil teachers use micro teaching technique for developing teaching skills. Our college gives micro teaching practice in the -

  • Objective writing
  • Introductory
  • Questioning
  • Probing
  • Reinforcement
  • Black Board
  • Stimulus Variation
  • Integrated Lesson Plan

Reinforcement skill, black board skill and illustration skill is taught during discussion. The observation process is also put before them. In the peer group they give lesson of one skill. After the lesson the pupil teacher gets feed back from the faculty as well as the peer group.

Block Teaching

Block teaching develop an understanding of the close relationship between society and the school between life and school work. In The Block teaching the pupil teachers become self relevant and go to different schools. We appoint various in charge among our pupil teachers in various block teaching schools.
These in charge manage all the teaching curricular and extra curricular activities among the school students. Our pupil teachers conduct assembly regular activities, bulletin board, display of quiz, articles, reports etc.are also part of their work.


Pupil teachers prepare self-made teaching aids in the college. Tree plantation programme held during both block teaching in respective schools and this programme was also held on world and national environment day. Short plays are played on the social themes to bring awareness for values as well as abolition of social evils. To remove superstition by Posters and Rallies. Celebration of different Days, Greeting Card (Birthday, New Year, Deepawali, Teacher’s day etc.).Making best from waste materials, Literacy Mission. Religious Prayers are organized for unity integrity, brotherhood and communal harmony.

Seminar/ Workshop/ Symposia

Every year we organize seminar, workshop & symposia in our college for quality professional, personality, knowledge improvement. Our lectures learn about the recent innovations in technology. A one day national seminar on “Right to Education : Problems and Remedies” was held at this institute on 18 March 2012 & “Teachers Training : Present & Future” was held at this institution on 10 February 2010.