Principal's Desk

Teaching is not merely imparting knowledge to students not it merely giving advice. Teaching is a passion. It is a service to the society, which requires not only teacher’s knowledge in the subject but also specialized skills which must be acquired & updated continuously. The best approach to understand the nature of teaching is establishing harmonious relationship between teacher, student & subject.

In this context, Aravali College of Educationis adopting the new technology & philosophy in the age of industrialization for the sake of well being of the society & humanity. In the present day scenario students need an assurance & confidence that the teacher has the ability to provide education & show the pathway consistently leading to the defined goal of life.

Aravali College of Education emphasized inculcation of traditional Indian values & development of positive attitudes & beliefs in the students, blending modernity with tradition along with skill based quality education comparable to the best global standards in education. Aravali T.T.College strives for promoting thoughtfulness, peace, harmony & universal brotherhood in the society.

Our college is one of the best B.Ed. college in Rajasthan We have several healthy traditions which contribute to the creation of environment that promotes motivation, satisfaction & all over improvement in the performance of our students at the end of the academic year.

Our goal is to accelerate quality intensive knowledge for the holistic development of students intellectually, emotionally, physically & spiritually.

Dr. Kishori Lal